We specialize in development of web & mobile applications for everyone from startups to successful business. We practice agile methodologies and our goal is to create flexible systems with user-oriented interface.
Digital Crafters is a software development company. We have a rich experience and unique expertise in development of technically sophisticated web applications for various business areas. We are focused on products for startups. We are experts in Ruby, Ruby on Rails and UI/UX. We explore and implement modern technologies that open up new opportunities. We practice agile methodologies, love Scrum and Kanban.
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Our services
Our services
We create successful web applications for clients worldwide. We specialise on marketplace and special-purpose social networks . Our passion is to create highload systems with user-centric interface.
Technology we use
We create magic in web using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nginx, Passenger, CoffeeScript, Slim, Thinking Sphinx, Heroku, Digital Ocean and other.
Work process
We practice agile methodologies in the spirit of lean development. For each project, we adapt our practices to achieve the best results. We love Scrum and Kanban.
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DyDo Drinco - one of Japan's leading companies producing and selling soft drinks. Daido products are not only racy, but also high quality.dydo.ru
Requirements analysis
The main goal was to set up communication with Russian market and increase brand loyalty. We have analyzed the market and created user portrait to build the most efficient design. Ruby On Rails framework was chosen as the backend that allowed to deliver the product to the end user asap.
Our mission was to create a simple, clear and product-oriented design. While achieving this goal we have implemented several solutions to create a fascinating experience in a clear environment.
We work iteratively trying to give the most reliable code. In this project, we managed in a very short, even for a Ruby on Rails, term to create a high quality application.
We are very attentive to the launch and training of employees of the customer. It is of high importance that the code is well-tuned and it is easy for the customer to reuse or modify it in the future.
Joomag is the first innovative service for digital interactive magazine publishing and hosting.joomag.com
Requirements analysis
We got an opportunity to create a simple design that would fit the Joomag users’ needs and was at the same high level as their product. Starting with an analysis of the target audience and user patterns and ending with prototyping, we set a goal to understand the users and how they will use the product.
Joomag clearly determined our objectives: brand loyalty and unconditional clarity of every detail. For this purpose we have developed an attractive interface that provides confidence in the platform helping to solve the the user’s tasks.
Graphic Design:
We have designed custom icons and animations, following good manners of modern design, so the given information is even more clear and the user can better enjoy the benefits of the offered product.
Starting the design it is crucial for it to be correctly interpreted in a dynamic, working version. We have created interactive mockups to illustrate the visual part and at the same time accompanied them with an accurate description. So far the project is not running, we are working closely with Front End developers providing ease of use for the company and supervising the correct implementation (realization) of our developments.
ARGO - is a system of monitoring and accounting for the agro sector.It covers the accounting of land fund, contracts, partners, lessors and crops.
Requirements analysis
This area imposes very clear limits on business. Respectively software must meet these requirements as well. For clear formalization of technical specifications we have worked out a business model and considered the needs of stakeholders.
The main requirements for the interface was performance speed and intuitiveness to minimize the entry threshold.
For this project we offered the customer a flexible framework for joint work on a solution that allows to promptly create MVP and move on with already finished product.
An important part of this project was stress testing, only after passing which the project could be launched.
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our team
Artem Lapatanov
Managing partner
Andriy Solodky
Project Manager
Andrei Kravchuk
Front-End Engineer
Stanislav Nosovskyi
Back-End Engineer
Anastasia Ovcharenko
QA Engineer
Vlad Katsovenko
UI/UX Designer
Viktor Tsepliaiev
Back-End Engineer
Constantin Novikov
UI/UX Designer
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